Towards a personal design system, built on core values.


UI Design is not just about mock-ups and requirements. It is opening up tools and showing possibilities to users. Good UX Design is about showing kindness. It provides a friendly (inter)face to technology. Showing kindness through design is the displacing of the ego that likes this colour or font and doesn’t like that. It is designing with kindness and compassion to solve problems for use cases across systems and modules.


I can only live my life when I am aware of my intention and subsequent purpose. Every decision is steered by my intention and living an authentic life means to align one’s true intention with your actions. By living and working with authenticity, one looks beyond the obvious and past copy-paste solutions.


It takes courage to say: “I don’t know” – it means that you are not scared to show vulnerability. To be truly open to life and new possibilities and solutions to problem, one should never stop learning and one should always have the courage to say: “I don’t know, can you help me?”

Love of learning

I am motivated by acquiring new skills and constantly changing and adapting. I like to move, and adapt. Life’s meaning is in learning and teaching. It is the only way to grow and evolve. The greatest gift from one human being to another is to share what you have learnt. You can only prove what you have learnt and mastered by teaching. I am always ready to learn, and therefore always available to teach.